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Remodel and Repair Services

This is a big one!

We have access to many different specialists for a variety of your needs. The big thing here is that they are honest, reliable and reasonable. We have some genuine horror stories that we personally experienced when trusting unknown tradesmen (a section on that is part of this web site, all the stories are true).

It has taken us many years to get the people we know are good, approximately we found one excellent service for seven expensive tries. The problems were various, unreliability (a big one), poor skills, price gouging or changing mid stream amongst others. We also had some theft from our home (another big one).

We have excellent services for the following work. All of these providers we have used ourselves over a long period of time.

  • Tile work, including floors.
  • Granite and marble work.
  • Cabinet making and install.
  • Electrical work*.
  • Air Conditioning servicing, repair and install (Surprisingly hard for us to find)*.
  • Auto servicing and repair. Depending on your need a mechanic can come to you*.
  • Appliance repair, fridge, washing machine, dryer, stove, dishwasher and so on.
  • Repair of window screens*.
  • Painting, interior and exterior*.
  • Computer repair, set up and so forth. Help setting up a cellphone.
  • Sky, Dish, Telmex, etc, a fast response with our contacts. This can take ages to do with these companies, even the phone call !

In other words, just about all you could need for your home. If it’s not on this list please check with us.

* Denotes work performed by our own employees.