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Horror Stories

Here are just a few of our horror stories, the first few actually happened to us!

For example, our first absentee owner manager for our own condo. Several times we sent money for the service and repair of our ford focus, we later found out it was never done. The last time we sent $600 for a brake job (which was very high for a Cancun price, we didn’t know). On arrival the brakes were really bad, turned out the job was never done.

We found out later he had been renting our condo out to whoever without our knowledge. First clue, we found was a cigarette burn hole in our bedsheets. Later we found out he had a mariachi band stay there too ! Our security had been bribed with each visit (beware, this is very common here). This went on for about two years before we found out.

The registration of our US Lexus Landcruiser that we drove here under a TIP sticker (no import tax as long as you have a resident permit). Resident permit expired so we paid an attorney to register our car in Mexico (not knowing it was not legal). Never got the correct title, just plates from another state of Mexico. $1500 later. Net result we had to export the car back to the US, total cost for this disaster, about $7000.

Attorney working on a work permit for me, kept paying more and more until I gave up as nothing was happening, cost, around $3000.

Our ‘Esrcitura’, registration of our condo. Working with an attorney, she was proud to say she went to Northwestern University in the US. This inspired trust.

The price went from $15,000 total, debate, $12,000, debate, $11,500. That one cost us nothing as we didn’t use her.

Condo administrator we know rented a condo belonging to an absentee Canadian doctor on a one year contract for $2000 per month. The doctor was told the rental amount was, and received, $800 per month.

We have also paid crazy prices for simple work, not knowing that prices are much cheaper here in Cancun.

This is the tip of a large iceberg, we took our turn as the ‘Titanic’, we hope you don’t.