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Doctor and vet visits

This is a big one!

We offer home visits by a doctor and also a vet (no, they are not the same person!).

Our doctor has many years of experience, a surgeon for many years and now semi retired. He will usually bring the meds that he thinks you may need with him and write prescriptions if necessary. He usually has a very quick response time.

Our vet also has many years of experience and will examine your pet at your home. He will also write prescriptions if needed.

Both these gentlemen are wonderful and caring people.

And here is a BIGGIE, at least in our experience. We can provide a lady to stay in your home in your absence and take care of your pet. We have a wonderful, kind and honest lady, total animal lover, that we have used for years. She follows all our requests, dog walks as we ask for, food and meds as we proscribe.

She is very quiet, late forties and very clean and tidy. Your home will look as good as you left it.

Again, this is a lady we have personally used for years and sometimes we are away for three weeks at a time. It took us eight years to find her after many failures shall we say.

PLEASE note, we do not take any money from these providers and employee. They are inexpensive and excellent. We like to share the wealth.