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Air Conditioning

This is a big one!

We offer full air conditioning services. New installs, cleaning, repairs and maintenance. Why do we give A/C it’s own section ?

For us it is easily the most expensive monthly cost in Cancun. Expats, us included, tend to use much more A/C than locals do and also like it to be colder. The hotel zone has a higher rate than the rest of Cancun and the cost of a per kilowatt hour increases as you use more.

There are many new products available that are vastly more efficient than older models.

Our own example, we installed a new inverter system in our home. We included new air handlers that go in the crawl space and vent hoses that go to the registers so there were no air leaks.

Our old A/C equipment was only three years old. It had a SEER 10 rating, SEER is basically a measurement of the power use. Our new inverter system had a SEER 20 rating. The higher the number the more efficient the machinery, thus it was rated at half the electric use of the old system.

Our drop in electricity cost was incredible, partly because our cost per kilowatt hour dropped sharply as we came out of the ‘heavy user’ surcharge. We estimate that our investment will pay back in 14-18 months which makes it the proverbial ‘no brainer’.

Our very experienced crew will come to you, check your system and make recommendations at no charge. They will of course also just do repairs, maintenance and cleaning if that’s all you wish to do.