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About Us

Who we are

We are a small British and American company based in Cancun. Helen and I have had a home in the hotel zone of Cancun for twelve years. I am from the UK, Helen is from Oregon and we previously lived in Portland, Oregon. I owned a property company there for twenty years and have lots of experience with building vendors, maintenance and so forth. I also worked as a condo complex administrator here in Cancun.

Some of these services are by our employees, others by providers. We do not take any money from either group for small jobs and only a little for the more expensive work. It’s called share the wealth as great workers are terribly underpaid here.

For a Doctor, a Vet and an animal minder we make no money, they are all very reasonable. Call this a social service !

We are extremely price/quality sensitive, as we should be.

I hope we get to meet you!